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Your future

Are you like my father?

My father is an pine tree. He chose to become this tree because he preferred to be at the entrance of our driveway instead of lying in a cemetery with stones around him.

Or are you like my friend?

My friend Anna is a buddleja (butterfly-bush). She decided on this transformation because she preferred to receive friends in a garden to show her beauty and colors, and not in an urn wall on a graveyard.

Is your future like my grandma?

My grandma is a red oak tree. Or rather, she’s become an oak tree. She chose to do this because she preferred a tree instead of a tombstone. I remember her with grey hair but she said that she had red hair when she was young.

red oak tree

They have chosen for a Capsula Mundi which is a biodegradable urn in an archaic shape that has always symbolized life, and which is planted like a seed in the ground.

A young tree, chosen in life by the deceased, is planted on top of the urn. Family and friends look after the tree as a legacy both for their descendants and for the future of the planet. Because life doesn’t end with death; it is transformed.

So, my father still protects me with the shade of his branches and when we arrive home he is the first we see.

Anna lives on in the garden of her parents, she is beautiful as before, surrounded by her beloved butterflies and we’ve stayed friends.

And when I visit the wood, I feel Grandma is still with me.
Really nice to see her in her younger ‘red-haired’ years.

What kind of tree or plant would you like to become?

An egg, planted like a seed in the ground. And a tree growing on top of the egg, like a bridge between the earth and the sky. This is the idea behind Capsula Mundi: a burial that celebrates life, rebirth and the reunion of man and nature, instead of death. And not in a cemetery of inanimate stones but in a memorial wood of living trees.

The biological life cycle and its transformations are the same for every living being. This natural process makes no distinction between different cultures or religions. Capsula Mundi reflects this universal message: everyone can choose a religious ceremony or farewell rite from their own culture, while subsequently using our burial system.

The Capsula Mundi urn is made out of bio-polymers that are fully biodegradable, produced from prime materials predominantly obtained from seasonal plants. No trees are felled and in fact, a new tree will be planted over every urn buried, as part of the Capsula Mundi concept.

Or is this your future?


Stored for some years in an urn wall? Between bricks and incognito. Instead you could have been waving your branches and enjoying the beauty of nature.

urn wall

Cosy at home with a candle? What will your grand-grand children/future generations do?

All together like in the medieval times and your family cleaning it as where they could enjoy your beauty.


As cremation is become more popular, current and future generations still don’t know how to deal with the remains of their ancesters. Alternatively they could have been transferred to a Capsula Mundi instead of ending in a thrift shop.


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